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Re: Help needed w/echoplex ARRAY

At 04:38 AM 1/7/2007, Per Boysen wrote:
In my own experience we had brother sync going fine among three EDP's
>when jamming with Matthas Grob and Rick Walker. I noticed then
>however that every time I ended a multiply with Record my EDP was
>thrown out of the brotherhood.

Isn't that what you would expect?? Unrounded-Multiply is the user 
intentionally changing the loop length to break out of tempo with previous 
loops. So of course it won't be in sync with the other loopers anymore. 
whole point of the function is for you to break out of sync with them!

>After doing that action I had to play
>the rest of the jam with manual sync (retrigger and adjust loop
>length by ear to match the other musicians loops) because it wasn't
>possible to get back into the bro-sync again (the establishing bro- sync 
>happens in reset mode, I think).

Yes, if you want to rejoin the tempo of the others, you need to go into 
reset so you give your Echoplex a chance to find the beat from the others 
again. It doesn't have to be reset for a whole loop cycle, just long 
for one pulse to come. Then you can tap Record again to begin a new loop. 
When you end record it will stop in sync and your loop will be matched up 
to the tempo again.


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