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RE: original ground control midi pedal?

Hey Zoe, you might try calling either John Acock or John Clark at Digital
Music Corp, in Petaluma at 707-545-0600. they may still have the ability to
generate a manual. Frankly I think they need to update and re-release them,
with at least three or four cc pedal outs, but still small and sleek.  That
big Ground Control Pro that Kid Beyond uses (no offense Kid), though very
well made and full featured, is bulkier and heavier than anything else on
the market, not to mention more expensive, and it just does not fit my
reality of  the "suit case rig" world of post 911 airline travel. And 
up with only two expression pedal ports? Good luck to ya Lass.

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Subject: OT: original ground control midi pedal?

Has anyone ever used the old Ground Control midi pedal (the long  
rectangular one)?

I'm trying to find out how many messages the thing can send at once  
(how many CC, PC and Note message) and across how many channels.

If any one knows....?