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Re: Tubes in Pre-amps: your expertise and honest opinion.

That's great to hear, and I imagine it will only get better in the future 
too.  Next thing you know, we'll be doing blind tests with the tube 
but spraying "old amp" spray on new SS DSP amps to fool their noses too. 
And then, just like we make designer jeans that are already pre-ripped, 
faded, and fringed, we'll create new SS DSP amps with dings in them, old 
smoke smell, and a couple of fake tubes in the back that light up like 
christmas trees....oh, and we'll put led in the bottom of the amp so it 
weighs as much as a tube amp too, so they can continue to break their 
and rupture their disks if they want to.

Some day, the dinosaurs will go instinct...maybe not in the next few 
decades, but very soon relatively speaking in the timeline of technology 
human development.  I see tube amps in museums, with model Ts, computers 
size of rooms, and two-headed cows.

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> Speaking as a designer of SS audio circuits with > 15 years experiance
> behind me, we can satisfy the tube purists (both audiophile and guitar
> player) without too much trouble...
> ...but only until the blindfolds come off.
> Nik
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>> Or at least perhaps until the blindfold comes off...
>> &gt; Then the mysterious are resolved, and we
>> &gt;can let the DSP/SS engineers of the future continue developing a SS
> amp that
>> &gt;will eventually satisfy the tube purist via a blind test.
>> &gt;
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