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RE: Tubes in Pre-amps: your expertise and honest opinion.

--- "Goddard, Duncan" <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com>

> I'm so tired of seeing this "warmer" expression
> trotted out lazily every time someone is trying to
> market something with a bottle in it. 
> what exactly is it supposed to mean? is it to do
> with noise-floor, frequency response, distortion,
> what?

One part of it has to do with the way tubes respond to
a load as opposed to the way a transistor does.  (or
doesn't I should say)  A tube/load circuit creates a
kind of filter.  That warmth people often speak of is
just high frequency attenuation.  This is all grossly
simplified, but that's the main deal.  I do know that
for some reason the tube stage in my Tonelab makes my
guitar sound damn good.  It's not in the preamp stage
though, it's before a virtual load to mimic the above
phenomena.  Does it really help?  I don't know but I
like it more than the Line6 stuff.


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