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Tubes in Pre-amps: your expertise and honest opinion.

Hello List,

I recently purchased a cheap tube pre-amp by Art for
my autoharp. I couldn't believe because it seemed to
sound as good as if not better then my Presonus
pre-amp (which has no tube).

Now, i have heard it to be widely accepted that many
prefer tubes because they create a warmer sound. So i
read a bit to see if i could understand why?

I think in my most basic primitive grasp of the
concept "tube" that the benefits are due to tube
circuitry whereby a small distortion spectrum results
which causes added harmonics???????<--am i on

But, as read further i learned that the main benefit
comes from DH-Set "SE" configurations and that the "PP
(push-pull)" configurations do substantially less of
this "warming effect"????

so, i am wondering then, do all current technology
tubes sound better/warmer then non-tube preamps? or
are there only certain tubes that do this? 

how would i know technically (besides listening) if i
have a SE tube or a PP tube from specs in my manual
that read "Tube Type: 12AX7A hand selected"?

I am just trying to decode this mystery so i don't
dogmatically accept audio theory without knowing why.
Any and all input would be great! 


 Margaret Noble
 Audio Artist 

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