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re: generative rhythm approach

Yeah,  this is cool stuff, Bernhard.   Thanks for posting it.

I wanted to comment on one thing you wrote as it is a subject that 
fascinates me
with generative rhythms.

you wrote:
"I think the fascination comes from the equal distance between 1, 2,
3, and 4, consisting of five 16ths each. This creates the illusion of
a 5-rhythm which is discarded at the beginning of each bar."

A way of viewing all repeating odd time figures (when playing in an even 
time context
improvisationally or compositionally) is that they are displacements of
normal even time figures.

I call this rhythmic strategy,   Rhythmic Displacement
It  is one of the formal lessons in the Rhythm Intensive that I've started 
so I'll post it later if you are interested.

Thanks for the really cool generative approach.   I too love generative 

I always wanted to write a book called Generative Systems for the Modern 
for people who can play a simple rock and roll drum beat and play a single 
drum roll on a snare but who may not live in an area where there is a good
teacher to help them with what comes next.

If anyone who plays drums on this list wants some cool exercises to expand 
skill set on the drumset,  let me know I'll send you a couple.