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LOOPING VOCALIST: Imogen Heap was: French Looping Vocalist

Greg wrote:
"Wonderful, thanks Per, another addition for my CD collection soon I think.
Of course another enchanting singer who uses looping to great effect is the
lovely Imogen Heap        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSIbfzK2spg"

Wow, I've not seen her yet,   That was really great.

And to think, that our own ubertalented and beautiful Zoe Keating toured
extensively with Imogen (and may still be as far as I know) doing amazing 
looping cello.
How cool is that?

We should also,  along with Camille, Imogen Heap and Michael Schieffel
mention  Kid Beyond (who tore down the house at a sold out BucketHead show 
recently at the
Catalyst for a rock audience with just him mouth),   our own wonderful Amy 
Pushing Air,  Dark Muse (Phyll Smith), Ute Bonn  and, very humbly,  myself 
as people who have gotten
out and done all acapella live looping shows.

Who else is doing this?