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Re: Some ideas needed

I know with Pro
Tools friends who are WAY INTO IT don't even recommend copying files
from one drive to another because data can and has gotten lost.

Sure it can, but that's a pretty lame excuse for not copying files.
Haven't they heard of verification? It can get lost writing to the
original disk fer chrissake. What do they think they are doing when
they make CDs?

To back up a Pro Tools file you "Save A Copy As" to other hard drives which recreates the entire audio set, fades etc. I learned this from Metallica's engineer and have stuck to it pretty well... mostly. This is also part of the reason why some studios will ask you to bring your own firewire drive to sessions. There are other perks to this but it also keeps the data in one place as you go from studio to studio.

Once you put it on CD and it's finished that's another story. But, of course, there's AD converters and there's AD converters! I'm using a Lavry right now to master and the difference is quite noticeable. So the data is there... but not there with other converters! So, yes, it can get lost going to the original disc. I think the goal is to not risk losing anything... and when you're spending big money on a record every little bit matters a lot.

Or so it is said!

I don't think any of this is really relevant to mp3s. Sonically, they're already pretty much kaboshed (compared to 16/24/44.1 or above)... even though that's what most folks listen to nowadays.



On 12/27/06, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:
put them into an m3u playlist

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From: Ingo Ito [mailto:ito@itofarm.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 5:24 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Some ideas needed

Hi everybody,

I know its a bit off topic, but maybe some people on this list do have some
advice (I tried some typically mp3 groups and this was no serious help at
I need some help or recommendations on the following subject:

I want to offer mp3 files of my work on my own homepage (which Im working
on at the moment).
I do work with loops and sometimes they are only tiny pieces of music for
e.g. audio books, and so I have for example 50 individual mp3 tracks from 30
sec to a few minutes in one album.
This would be a lot of individual downloading for the people.

So I would like to have one file containing all little mp3 files with tags
etc. .
What do you recommend to do for offering such downloadable file in which all
the individual files stay as they are?
Just a simple Winzip or Winrar compression? Any experiences with the quality
of such?
Or maybe BitTorrent? Or sth.else?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you very much and I wish everybody on
this list a happy new year!

Regards and greetings from Spain