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Re: Some ideas needed

I think I would use FTP. You'd have to change the password frequently though. I don't think I would zip the files etc.

Easier still, why don't you do it through ITunes?

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 27-Dec-06, at 8:23 AM, Ingo Ito wrote:

Hi everybody,

I know it´s a bit off topic, but maybe some people on this list do have some advice (I tried some typically mp3 groups and this was no serious help at all).
I need some help or recommendations on the following subject:

I want to offer mp3 files of my work on my own homepage (which I´m working on at the moment).
I do work with loops and sometimes they are only tiny pieces of music for e.g. audio books, and so I have for example 50 individual mp3 tracks from 30 sec to a few minutes in one album.
This would be a lot of individual downloading for the people.
So I would like to have one file containing all little mp3 files with tags etc. .
What do you recommend to do for offering such downloadable file in which all the individual files stay as they are?
Just a simple Winzip or Winrar compression? Any experiences with the quality of such?
Or maybe BitTorrent? Or sth.else?
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you very much and I wish everybody on this list a happy new year!
Regards and greetings from Spain