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Re: OT: Earliest Music Gear I Went Ga-Ga Over

Very nice music, Tim. Only one mistake - i LOVE the band name The Bumping Uglies!

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 21-Dec-06, at 5:20 PM, Tim Nelson wrote:

Round bout late 70's/turn of the 80-ish blurry times,
I once was the proud owner of a mid-sixties Sears
Silvertone head that I added to my rig ('60 geebson
melody maker single cutaway >>fuzz>>volume pedal>>
looping with an akai gx400d sound on sound open reel
into a tweed '59 gibson ranger that i still use pretty
much daily, actually)... Brought me into the age of
stereophonic loopage.

Thing was: this here Silvertone had a bad habit. It
was flammable. It would overheat and catch on fire
with real flames and everything. Bad smells, tarry and
electrical. Upset cohabitators. But RIGHT before I
would dive for the power switch, it would have the
most INCREDIBLE tone. The roar of impermanence, maybe.


--- Paul <paulrichard10@adelphia.net> wrote:

Following loosely along with the comments about
earlier instruments
purchased at 60's/70's/et al prices, I remember two
pieces of gear I fell in
love with in the display window of Lomakin's Music
in Pittsburgh, PA: a Vox
guitar-organ and an original Maestro Echoplex. I
ended up getting a bogus
echoplex (don't remember the brand) but it worked
okay for its day. I think
my nephew still has it (along with my first guitar,
a Harmony electric). I
used to power the ax with a Bogen Challenger power
amp through a speaker
that was either blown or defective but made a
distorted sound similar to
Eric Braun's from the Iron Butterfly.

The Kahuna

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