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Re: Alt controllers

mark sottilaro wrote:

>Is there anything like a therimin out there that sends
>MIDI instead of CV?
There was.  Moog used to make a Theremin called the Ethervox that had a 
MIDI output.  I got to see the prototype at the 1997 Portland Theremin 

While it is a marvelous instrument, it is not a simple "plug and play" 
device that will work with all MIDI receiving units.  It does not send 
discrete notes: everything is sent as pitch bend, so it depends on how 
the receiving unit responds to pitch bend.  And a Theremin is never 
going to be the best trigger for percussive sounds. (-8 

Alas, the Ethervox was very expensive, and a lot of the people who 
purchased it never used the MIDI portion.  As at the time it was the 
best Theremin available.  It's been discontinued in place of the 
MIDI-less Etherwave Pro.

John McIntyre