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Re: Re: Alt controllers

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006, mech wrote:

> Has anybody actually used the new(ish) Hot Hand motion-controlled pedals 
> Source Audio yet?  ( http://www.sourceaudio.net/ )
> I wasn't more than casually interested in these, until I saw that 
> incorporated an Expression Pedal Output.  I've got more than enough 
> lying around that can take an EV-5 or CV Pedal Input. The initial effect 
> notwithstanding, this looks like it might be fun to control some of the 
> whacked-out boxes I've got around.
>       --m.

For a bulky if visually stunning counterpart to these, the Moog Etherwave 
Pro theremin includes two separate 0-5CV out jack: one controlled by the 
volume antenna, one controlled by the pitch antenna. Works great.

Retrofitting the same outputs onto a Moog / Bigbriar Etherwave standard or 
signature model appeared relatively simple, as I recall from looking at 
the "hotrodding" documentation Moog provides for the Etherwave standard 

Steve B
Subscape Annex   http://www.subscapeannex.com/