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Re: g

> I sometimes tune up to mains-frequency, which at 50 Hz is quite close to
bottom G on a bass, 49 Hz.
> if I look at my watch at the same time, I can get the beat-frequency near
enough to 1Hz to be very close to concert-pitch.

OOOOH! You are GOOD! Unfortunately, here in the US, we're stuck with 60 Hz
hum, annoyingly close to (but not quite in tune with) Bb. I have a theory
that fluorescent light would look much more natural if a second bulb could
be used , driven by a somehow-filtered AC/mains circuit to achieve the
tritone of 60 Hz (is that 90 Hz?). The light generated at the tritone would
have frequency characteristics to compliment the 60 Hz light and take away
that wicked too-red emphasis that 60 Hz fluorescence has.

By the way - I LOVED the Star Trek dialogue, Duncan.
Now please stop writing such good comments! I am trying to get some
(deadline-driven) work done before Christmas! ;-)