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RE: g

>>Regardless of the patch, it kinda goes limp when I play a G. I can feel 
>my guitar resonating, but I hear the unit just tossing a wet blanket over 
>the note. Explain that one.<<

"fascinating, captain. I'd like to take this back to the ship & run some 
tests on it, specifically a /white-sound-spectrograph/."

"but why, spock? what do you think it can tell us?"

"well, captain, it's possible that somewhere in the conversion processes, 
the designers have used a 'comb filter', which is attenuating the 
sub-harmonics of the frequency it was designed to remove. or it may be 
that there is a hum-filter in the noise-cancelling circuit that is 
unintentionally attenuating the overtones of 50/60 Hz energies present in 
our signal."

"transporter room, three to beam up. & this.... GT-3.... doohickey. & 
prepare the sick-bay. kirk out."

I sometimes tune up to mains-frequency, which at 50 Hz is quite close to 
bottom G on a bass, 49 Hz. 
if I look at my watch at the same time, I can get the beat-frequency near 
enough to 1Hz to be very close to concert-pitch.