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RE: repeater

Dear D, Do yourself a favor and buy a looperlative. Either that or buy a
used repeater or EDP. I have been using all three, and though both the
Repeater and EDP each have fantastic levels of sophistication, a gazillion
features, and their own quirky personality traits, the Looperlative has 
more depth; a list of features that continues to grow, more memory, more
tracks, and more pristine sound quality than either unit. The Looperlative
is the kind of device that handles both conventional, and avant garde
musical approaches with equal aplomb. Yes it is pricey, but so is a lap top
with all of the bells and whistles. The learning curve is not very steep
compared to a lap top looper, and it integrates well with other gear. Don't
hold your breath waiting for a new Repeater, the last time I spoke with
anyone with inside information, (last spring), they said there wasn't even 
working prototype. Who knows where they are at. As for the EDP, as long as
misguided corporations like Gibson are calling the shots, who knows if they
will ever endeavor to update the EDP, or even bother to make another
production run with the current LOOPIV software.
Good luck

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I used to be a member of this list a couple years ago. I was too busy with
grad school to spend much time making music, so I sold my EDP --hoping that
the Repeater would be back on the market by the time I finished my

Well I finished one degree and I started on another, but decided that I
want to get back into playing-even if it delays my dissertation a bit

However, Electrix has not answered my mails and I'm stuck without a looper.
Does anyone have the inside scoop on what is going on?

Also I noticed that used EDPs on eBay are selling for less than the 800
dollars or so that I bought mine for now... is there an upgrade waiting in
the wings?


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