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Re: Stepping on silence, mojo and vintage gear

I simply must thank you all for this thread. It's the sharing of these ideas, feelings and observations that makes the Looping community my fave-rave e-place.
Since I review gear as part of my work, and since I own a good number of instruments (and play them all), I can say that mojo is absolutely what it's all about, with the understanding that a certain resonance exists between the player and the played. Per mentioned this. I think it can sometimes be understood in very practical terms: a guitarist might favor the key of G major. S/he picks up a guitar, strums some chords that revolve around G, and it just doesn't feel right. Next guitarist comes along, favoring the key of E, and the same guitar goes bonkers - strong E major resonance, weak G major resonance.
In the world of electronic chips and processors, I own a Boss GT-3. I love it. BUT. It has no resonance around the pitch of G. Regardless of the patch, it kinda goes limp when I play a G. I can feel my guitar resonating, but I hear the unit just tossing a wet blanket over the note. Explain that one.
I also believe that certain objects are filled with mojo, and can generate good/bad vibes accordingly. I believe that it's almost silly NOT to understand that a musical instrument will be altered by how it vibrates (someone must remember the "vibrating chamber" that Rick Turner checked out for use with guitars...?). And if an instrument is transformed by its use, and we are transformed by music, well, "there's magic in the music and the music's in me..."
This thread is my Looper's Christmas wish come true. Thank you all!
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large
"Life! Life!
Clouds and clowns!
You don't have to come down!"
- Sly and the Family Stone