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RE: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V06 #907

Yes- being played makes wooden instruments improve.  Sometimes those 
legendary old martins from the attic had been sitting for 20 years ,not 
getting played,much as all the fine instruments siting in vaults and on 
walls of Hard Rock cafes.This means that the market value of those pieces 
diminishing the practical value.This sort of confusion between abstract 
concrete is pretty common "developed"countries. It's not unusual for 
musicians to not allow people to touvh their instruments. The Indians,and 
Indonesians,ans Some Africans also never step over an instrument,which 
adopted as a worthy practice,conducive to an attentive attitude. Very 
for playing  music,sort of one step away from being careful not to step on 
the silence when playing.

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