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Re: Vintage Gear, E-bait etc

> >>From: Krispen Hartung: Buying musical instruments as an 
>investment...now that's a >notion that has always intrigued me.  Not my 
>20 oz cup of chai tea with two shots of >espresso, as I consider myself a 
>player and not a collector....<<

I have a pile of instruments and stuff, but I don't 'collect' them as
collectors items or investments.  First off, I don't buy the
collectible items.  My first really nice guitar was an Electra from St
Louis Music (Matsumoku made, like Ibanaz and Aria Pro).  So, I have a
'thing' for them.  I have a bunch and each is a different style.  Got
a strat copy, LP copy, 335, etc.  I'm still watching for the Tele and
SG copies.  I play them all.  However, I can't really see using
guitars as investments.  I go to the Philly Guitar show every few
years and I marvel at the $500,000 Les Pauls, and $45,000 Strats.  I
think people are nuts for paying that much, but the world is full of

I still find some good deals at yard sales.  Got a EH Bass MicroSynth
for $5 and a '45 Epiphone student model acoustic for $20.  So, you
never know!