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Re: guitar amps

 While I think they've become mildly "discovered" now, the Peavey classic 
amps are really quite good (in the tube category). I have a really old 
Classic 20 (no longer made) and it's very very nice. I think the Peavey 
brand allows these to be a little cheaper than equivalents. 


P.S. I don't believe I've intro'd myself to the list. I'm an "aging" 
musician who was once in a touring/recording band that nobody ever heard 
of (hence the "once"). I recently purchased an RC-20xl after spending 
hours with the 22 seconds the giga delay's SOS feature allowed. I use 
"looping" mainly for composition of standard indie rock/pop stuff. 
Occasionally, late at night after several Maker's Marks, I indulge in some 
noise-scaping. During the holiday break here in the US I plan on picking 
up the boss foot switch that allows you to switch from loop to loop on the 

Question: does anyone remember/know of a looper/composer type who's name I 
believe was Paul Dresser or something like that from the early 80s? I saw 
him at the Walker Art Center and I recall being transfixed. I'd like to 
get some of his music. I believe he was from California and something 
makes me think it was the San Fransisco area. He had a reel-to-reel with 
the arms extended several feet in each direction. He also had what looked 
to be a set of pedals off a large church organ that he'd hacked into his 
reel-to-reel to control record on/off and track on/off. He did pieces with 
a guitar and others with a simple casio keyboard. Finally, he played bare 
foot, I think to better work the organ pedals. Thanks in advance for any 

On Monday, December 18, 2006, at 06:40AM, "Paul Mimlitsch" 
<pmimlitsch@mac.com> wrote:

>here's a great little amp for a no frills solid state "straight up" 
>jazz amp: << http://www.jazzamp.com/index.asp >>. no bells/ whistles 
>but great eq section and "put the others to shame" jazz tone.
>for tubes and lots of ins/ outs (effects loop, xlr out, channel 
>switching etc.) in a small powerful package, I've found the: <<  
>http://www.traynoramps.com/products.asp?type=1&cat=18&id=251 >> to be 
>real good all around amp.  I followed the lead of most reviews and 
>replaced the stock "Sovtek" tubes with "EuroTubes" for a smoother tone.