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6 space SKB rack cheap/trade to a good home

Speaking of high ebay/yardsale prices.  I now have an
empty SKB ROTO rack sitting in my dining room that
needs a good home.  I paid something like a hundred
for it, but mostly I'd like to just give it a nice
home.  Here's the catch.  I don't want to ship it. 
Too big for me to carry on BART.  So, if you're a
looper in the bay area and need one, let me know.  If
you'd like to give me a bit of cash for it, that would
be sweet.  I'm downsizing stuff so I don't need
anything, but perhaps a little pedel of some sort you
no longer use might be fun.  If you're making your
living doing music and are a broke ass mutha, come
bring me a CD.  Most I just would like it to fall in
the hands of a looper.

God bless us all!  EVERYONE! (PS, I'm in the Outer
Mission section of SF)


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