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Re: Compact guitar amp...

Yeah, that's a botique baby alright, but way to pricey for me at this 
I'm basically looking for something small, light, yet with some good built 
in effects and meaty jazz electric tone....for trad. jazz and jazz fusion 
(clean that will break up a bit).  I've pretty much scowered the internet 
for days, again, looking for options. I had the Roland Cube 30 before it 
stolen, and I am considering the Cube 60 now. I really liked the amp 
simulations on that amp (one in particular that gave me a great Scofield 
tone), but wanted a little more meat (couldn't get it from the 10" 
The Cube 60 might do that for me.  Price range I'm targeting is around 
to $375.

Fender makes a few models with built in DSP that are intriguing, the 
FM 65 DSP 65 Watt 1x12 Frontman Combo Amp:


And the Line 6 Spider III 75 Modeling Combo:


So, right now, unless another model in the same price range and with 
features pops up, my choice is down to the Roland Cube 60, Fender FM 65, 
Line 6 Spider III 75.  I am inclined to go for the Roland out of 
I saw some poor reviews on the Fender, suggesting that the clean sound was 
harsh and bighty.  The Spider apears to be a good rock amp.

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From: "Andrew Koenig" ark@acm.org

>>  Anyone have any ideas for a small,
>> > compact guitar amp for
>> > jazz, with a lot of bells and whistles, effects,
>> > etc?
> How compact?  What price range?  If you want something to drool over, 
> check
> out www.acousticimg.com and look for the Corus model.