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Re: Looper's Christmas list

At 2:21 PM -0500 12/15/06, Tony K wrote:
>>So what's on ya'll Christmas lists?  I love hearing
>I got myself a VG-8 off of ebay for my present.

Very cool box.  You're gonna have a blast, especially with the 
altered tunings.  :)

>My wife just has no clue what to get me.  Though a digital camera 
>was discussed! :)

Same situation here.  My wife generally gets really frustrated at 
trying to buy for me, so this year she asked me to give her a list of 
stuff from which to choose.  I blasted this out to her right off the 
top of my head:

        Echo Indigo I/O PCMCIA Cardbus Soundcard
        Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad
        Creamware Pro-12 ASB
        1 pair KRK V8 Series 2 monitors
        Solid State Logic (SSL) Duende
        Nord Modular G2 Keyboard

Admittedly, some of the items are somewhat high ticket.  When it came 
time to set the "budget" for this year's gifts, I knew I wanted to 
get her a Macbook.  That means, however, that she gets the spend the 
same amount on me.

Judging from the size of the boxes, I *think* I'm getting the Pro-12 
and the Kaoss Pad.  <*evil grin*>

"Wind in my heart. Dust in my head..."