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Re: DFX-94 (was Time Stretch pedal (DD-5, Giga-Delay))

For about 5 years, I used to use just two of these with a cd player and a turntable for live sets.

Now, they're still a major part of my drum machine rig. Two of them in serial make up one of my looping chains.

They're limited to 4 seconds max, the fidelity isn't all the great, and you can't choose the start and end points. (That depends on where you have the time dial set.) But they do let you bend pitch and time together, as if it's a tape loop. Two of them together make a great way to quickly build ambient beds.

That's currently a good price. Last time I bought one on ebay, it was about $175.

Matt Davignon


Gary Lehmann <hqr@cox.net> was like:

These used to be Matt Davignon's workhorses--don't know if he still uses
them or not.

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3)Can the giga-delay do any time stretching?