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RE: semi-OT: adrenalinn (was m-audio's Black box)

Title: RE: semi-OT: adrenalinn (was m-audio's Black box)

>>I've heard people complain about the matrix style interface......<<

I think I read somewhere that dave &/or roger was most insistent on keeping the hardware count down so that the maximum number of folks out there could get hold of this box & play with it.

anyway, I don't have a problem with the matrix, per se, although some of the acronyms that pop up in the little display are a little hard to remember, & the real-estate for a crib-sheet ran out with the v2.... & so on that basis, I would also recommend the adrenalinn to anyone who knows the other "rave & dodger" stuff.

no, my beef with them (dave smith, remember, had quite a bit to do with defining midi) is that the midi remote control of the unit is somewhat limited. in fact, if it happens to receive multiple CCs on the same channel, they all do the same thing. also, given that roger is a keen guitarist but is most famous for a playable sampler, I can't get my head around the fact that the adrenalinn doesn't have an expression pedal socket.

my guess is that h/w dev is stalled now that the insides of it have been ported into the m-audio black box.
but I should ask the proper forum, I s'pose. roger lurks there, I'm told.....



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