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Y2K6 MP3s

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Daniel Lewis? I have his Y2K6 MP3s done and sent him a note, but he hasn't responded.


Two other notes:

There is a lot of great looping still coming up. Wait until you hear Patrick Cress on Bari sax and Daniel Robbins on bass....like Jaco and Charlie Hunter all wrapped up into one fine jazz player....and many other interesting performers.

Also, remember Y2K5? All those MP3s here: http://www.box.net/public/ndblgm1jfh and here: http://www.boisemusicians.com/Y2K5_Recordings.htm


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Subject: Y2K6 MP3s Update #7

Here are the newest addition to the Y2K6 MP3 page: http://www.y2k6loopfest.com/mp3.html
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