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Re: semi-OT: m-audio's Black box?

If the effects are anything like the Adrenalinn
effects (judging from the website examples I'd say yes
they are) I'd say it was more than worth the price of
admission.  However, I found the Adrenalinn's amp
models to be pretty crappy... at least in the v1. 
Looks like the Black Box is on it's second version
already so maybe they're a bit more mature.

One thing I noticed is that *it* is doing the effects,
not your computer.  No latency or added load on your
processor.  I tried out Guitar Rig 2 (a lot more
expensive than the Black Box) and although I was
impressed by many of the sounds, it felt horrible
compared to dedicated hardware and although my laptop
ran it fine, it seems to be a CPU hog.

Anyway, my reason for trying Guitar Rig 2 was to have
a "laptop only" rig, but I realized that no matter
what you'd have to drag along some sort of foot
controller, so why not carry one around that is also a
great amp modeler?  (Vox Tonelab SE)... oh wait, and a
Boss VF-1 for it's synced effects... and then an audio
interface...  Perhaps the Black box would eliminate
one device and give you flexibility in tweaking
effects on your computer, but I'm so comfortable with
my gear now that I don't really think that would be a
selling point.

If you don't have an audio interface to get your
guitar into your computer AND you don't care about
ever putting in a line level signal into your
computer, this could be a great little device for you.

As for being a "looper" I'd say why would you care? 
If you've got a computer then you've got a way more
capable looper that's free.

--- scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com> wrote:

> had a quick question:
>   does anyone have/ use the maudio black box?
>   it has a short delay of 2.5 sec that can be used
> as a looper (demoed by r. linn on the web from a
> namm show-and i thought his demo was quite
> impressive) and has the beat synched effects.
>   reviews on h-c have been mixed (as usual) some
> like, some dislike...
>   the thing a few said was: effects sounded too
> weird/too electronic for "normal use", which
>   sounded like the perfect thing for many folks on
> this list....
>   just curious if anyone has used it, and their
> thoughts.....
>   thanks,
>   s----
>   ps-been using my new dd-20 more, and will say that
> i'm liking it more and more.....and the reverse is
> quite fun to mess w/ too....
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