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group loop syncing

we did this as well at the loop festival in
Switzerland briefly after Matthias suggestion to try
it out.I remember having a bit of problems with my EDP
syncing to the others at first but soon after we were
syncing and jamming together(Rick,Matthias and i)
my conclusion drawn from this experience was that it
can work wonderful if u behave as band members instead
of solo loopers...i think we didnt even have to do any

> Echoplexes linked...I was 
> really hoping to see someone doing that at Y2K6, but
> no such luck...a lot of 
> duos looping asynchronously. Wasn't it Per, Mathias,
> Rick, and several 
> others who did this true group/loop thing in Europe
> several years ago?
> > Personally, I find that there is a lot of very
> ambient loop music out 
> > there ... while it's all well and good, and
> certainly has its place ... 
> > ambient, sort of jazzy (good or bad jazzy ..
> either way) ... experimental 
> > music seems to be the default for most live loop
> musicians.  I simply 
> > enjoy seeing someon do something that is not that.
> I think the experimental stands on its own sepearate
> from the ambient/jazzy 
> species you
> site above. There aren't a lot of people doing
> really experimental looping 
> in the strict sense
> of the approach, but certainly ambient is very
> pervasive....probably because 
> it is much easier
> to pull off with a lot of cool gear and looping
> devices.
> K- 


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