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Re: Need some advice...

On 1 dec 2006, at 21.05, Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com wrote:

> I'd say a Repeater with an FCB1010 will solve your problem- I have the
> bottom 4 pedals of mine set to mute tracks 1-4 respectively, so you  
> could
> do your 'drum' track on tr 1, tritone track on tr2, then just mute  
> track 2
> when the time is right, mute the tritone track...............

Above Matthew was describing the technic to do it in one loop. Each  
loop in a Repeater can hold four mono tracks - of the same length -  
and you can mute or un-mute them to create variation in your  
arrangement. You can also create more loops, each of them with the  
option of holding four tracks. Many instruments can of course be  
layered into a loop on the same track.

Another technic would be to do it with many loops, following each  
other on a row, as the EDP lets you play. As an example you could do  
like this: First record a "drum beat" as loop 1. When you move to  
loop 2 you can chose to copy what was in the loop 1 and start  
overdubbing a layer on top of it, as loop 2. You may then go back to  
loop 1 again before moving on directly to loop 3 while copying the  
"drum beat" of loop 1 to overdub something else on top of the drums,  
as loop 3. I.e. you build each part of the song as a loop of its own  
and then you jump between those loops as the arrangement proceeds.  
The EDP can keep 9 loops in memory and that's quite enough for most  
arrangements, as you may layer many parts into the same loops.

For you it might as well be an idea to use two loopers and lay down  
the drum beat on one so it can play along with the other tonal loops  
you make in the second looper (you can then mute the drums during  
vital parts, reverse them to play backwards for a while etc). This  
can also be done with a looper that can run multiple simultaneous  
loops of different lengths, like the Looperlative or in software to  
be run on a computer, Mobius.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)