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Krispen's LD site

     Hey Krispen,

     I've always enjoyed your banter, quick, witty, rather intelligent, 
and my goodness, so
prolific.  And this latest round of so very enjoyable diatribe on how much 
you don't care for
Musician X Y or Z.

     Perhaps we should rename this list "Krispen's Looper's Delight"  I'm 
sure that Kim Flint has
had quite enough of it and would be willing to pass the torch.  In some 
ways, you are the perfect
candidate for the job, hard working, supportive of the music that you 
like, and my goodness, so
very very prolific.  I'm sure that Kim would love to pass on the financial 
burden as well.  Since
the very large majority of posts here are either about you or written by 
you, this seems a logical

     So, whaddya say?  You up for it?

     Be well,


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