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Back on LD

I have to give an enthusiastic thumbs up to Matt Davignon's latest 

What Matt does with extremely simple looping devices and stomp box pedals 
using only a
cheap drum machine as a sound source is nothing less than astonishing.

He make beautiful music and every time I see him live, he makes a 
different set of music.

I fell in love with his last CD,  "Bwoo"  and can also highly recommend it.
I also encourage you to see his live shows.

To add to this rave review I also have to say that he has been curating 
leading the longest running
new and experimental music venue in San Francisco,  the Luggage Store 
Experimental Music Series
which truly ranks amongst the world's wonderful and creative new music 

He has also done a ton to promote new musical artistry in the looping 
and has hosted Experimental
Looping shows.

By his CDs,  you'll be glad, aesthetically and you'll also be supporting 
of the true 'good ones' in our looping scene.

sincerely,   Rick Walker