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Re: Keller Williams / jam bands/ rc50

Thank you Miko
I agree 200 %
Keller W. is not here for the hugest plug in farm, the most creative 7/8
meter. he is not a shooe or gear gazer,  he looks at people and in the eyes
and brings them pleasure.
he may be much more creative in his own style than you are in yours but
without reevaluating your ego you may never know


>> From: "Krispen Hartung" <khartung@cableone.net>
>> Even Keller's set is not that inspiring from a creativity standpoint. 
> final music output is entirely unoriginal...the chops are standard 
> the vocals and therimin playing, which have much to be desired), and the
> looping technique is fundamental. That's his bag I guess, but I'd wager
> that
> any of the competant multi-instrumentalists out there (thousands) could
> pull
> a similar set off with little effort, after learning the basic functions
> of
> the looping device. What is left after stripping every other possible
> unique
> factor away from his set is that he appears to be one of the only
> successful
> guys doing it for large crowds...this says nothing of the music, by the
> way,
> just marketing, time, and energy to create a niche. I'm sure it works for
> him...I'd comittt suicide if my musical career came down to that.   I 
> this gets someone bent out of shape...I like bending people out of shape!
> :)
> I guess I'll bite for a short moment. . .
> So yeah, maybe thousands could pull it off, but what would be the point?
> It
> would be insincere, and most audiences can smell that a mile away-so 
> it might sound similar: competently played, no offensive mistakes, even
> some
> fake passion-there would probably still be something missing.
> When music is distilled down to it's mechanical nuts-and-bolts, it's easy
> to
> think you might be able to quantify and decode an event-I find it hard to
> believe that maybe you've never witnessed a magical moment where "simple"
> music, played by an "ordinary" player, (maybe even with a few clams 
> in) moved an entire roomful of people.  For a creative guy, you're
> sounding
> somewhat intolerant.
> I'd just like to suggest that intent and context might be important
> aspects
> of a performance and those admiring audients appreciate something the
> performer provides; to quantify them as stoned simpletons only highlights
> your own prejudice.
> Oh ja . . . there's my boring 2 cents.