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RE: Boss RC-2 Shipping Now...Just Recieved Mine

Right, my concern was 'getting out' of the loop so as not to have an abrupt
end to all of the loops. With the DL4, even with no feedback, I can slowly
fade the loop out with an exp pedal. I don't really like for all of the
sound to stop at once to leave a lone guitar playing. 

Dave Eichenberger- 

> Well, that could be a bit extreme, but I get your point. It 
> ain't no Looperlative, that's for certain! But if I had to 
> play an avant-garde or experimental looping gig with the 
> RC-2, I could do it. In one minute I can loop enough 
> interesting material on that little red baby to do all sorts 
> of bizarre stuff.
> Kris