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new sync feature for Augustus Loop/Live users


this might be of interest to some - new in yesterday's release of
Augustus Loop. From the manual:

"Essentially this is a workaround for a limitation in Ableton Live, in
that Live reports rounded tempo values to hosted plug-ins when
externally synced by MIDI clock. For example, if Live receives clocks
at a tempo of 114.6bpm, it will tell its hosted plug-ins that the
tempo is 115bpm. Why it does this remains something of a mystery.

"This is a problem if you are using multiple instances of Augustus
Loop in a Live song, with one AL set to generate MIDI clock, Live
synced to that clock, and the other ALs set to 'Host Tempo' mode. When
you use Tap Record to record your loop in the master AL, the other ALs
will be given a slightly wrong tempo by Live and the loops will be out
of sync.

"Turning on 'rounded tempo' in AL solves this problem by only ever
generating MIDI clock at rounded values. The downside is that the loop
length will not be quite what you wanted, but it may be good enough,
depending largely on your musical style and whether you record the
first loop 'silent' simply to set the tempo.

"With this mode turned on, when you use Tap Record the loop end will
be slightly later than when you tap to close the loop. E.g. if you
record a loop that would have a tempo of 122.3bpm, AL actually keeps
recording until the loop length matches a tempo of 122bpm."