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Re: Way OT, midi guitar pickups

Your Yamaha G50 uses technology licensed from Axon, and so has the fastest 
of any pitch to MIDI tracking, so long as you play fairly cleanly with a 
pick. The Axon converters: AX100 and the Terratec badged MkII version, 
a piezo setting to get the best performasnce from those pickups such as 

The G50 does NOT have this piezo setting, and so although you would get 
tracking with the RMC installation, your note accuracy and glitch 
would actualy get worse. The G50 also has trouble recognising the pick 
position from piezo pickups. Add this to the fact that, unlike Rolands, 
technology tracks magnetic pickups VERY NEARLY as well as it tracks piezos.

I would suggest you look at chopping in the G50 for a Terratec Axon AX100 
MkII before going for a Piezo installation.

Nik - ex-Roland user - ex G50 user -  current Axon and Godin user.

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Subject: Way OT, midi guitar pickups

> Hi,
> I know that some of you use midi guitar. I've been playing with a 
> (the yamaha g1d with the g50 converter) and am having a blast with all 
> sounds that are available. I have a chance to get an rmc midi pickup and 
> install it directly into my taylor and wondered if anyone has experience 
> with both the mag style and the piezo style midi pickups and if one is 
> better (as in the tracking) than the other? The other option I'm 
> considering is to pickup a used electric and do a more permanent type of 
> midi installation in it with the yamaha pickup that I have.
> Thanks, Been enjoying those festival mp3's!!!
> Paul Haslem
> www.dulcify.ca
> Ontario, Canada