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Re: Mixer with MIDI scene recall

God I wish my SIMMONS SPM 8:2... was less noisy and generally better 
quality.. It should rock!!
8 channels, each channel has, gain, pan, bass ,sweepable mid, treble 2 FX 
sends AND an LFO that can be set to pan or sweep the mid. Everything can 
saved, and heres the good bit... you can have a X-fade time between 
patches... so when you hit a new "scene" it can fade/morph to the new 
settings... quite incredible for an old piece of s*** from the 80's, 
originally designed to mix a Simmons elecronic kit!!!

Now used in my gear as the mixer for my modular stuff... just too hissy 
anything else... shame... however my main Behringer mixer is also a 
and I have a crackly 20 ch Tascam mixer thats looking sad too... *sigh*... 
should sell the lot really... but who would buy... *cry* ... whats that 
called who creates feedback thru mixers... he must need spares???


mark francombe
marks website is at www.markfrancombe.com he writes for 
and works at www.transformlearning.com

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