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Re: Y2K6 Festival and more.....

I think it has been a very big event !
I'm downloading and listening to every single mp3 file and....there are a 
lot of  interesting musical approaches.
At this moment, i like the performance of Kris+Rick and of Per.
Miro is interesting (my compliments !) and i like the 
"kiber session" too !
Great sounds, people !
Those clips are so interesting because are giving me new ideas about 
different approaches to looping;
that's why - even if i wasn't there - i want to thank Rich who made 
this event.
I'm looking forward to new clips and photos.


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Working through the discs that were procured during the
festival....great stuff!

I've listened to Per Boysen's Abstract Experimental Yet Catchy (that is
a title, not a review) a couple of times now...wonderful.

And Miro's has been listened to numerous times...great stuff!

And so far, only two discs....looking forward to the rest. It was so
much fun hanging out with these folks from all over the world....

Again, Rick!!! Great job.

I feel like I've just recovered, I can only imagine what you must feel


Jeff Kaiser
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