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Re: MAX/msp question

On Oct 29, 2006, at 10:08 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

> During the last days I have examined Ableton Live 6.0.1 and 
> unfortunately found that it lacks one function that is very important 
> for me: calling up multi effect patches ("Racks") by external MIDI 
> (using foot pedals).
> --> I guess this is possible with MAX, isn't it?

You mean changing/turning on and off multiple effect patches all at 
once? No problem.

> I would probably get rather far by only using VST or AU (preferably 
> VST, since I like to assemble the processed audio as loops in Mobius, 
> which sadly is Windows XP only).
> --> I guess this is possible with MAX, isn't it?

Yes to VSTs, no AUs in max.....

> I guess MAX displays loaded VST's parameters and makes it possible to, 
> for example, take one parameter out of VST A and run it through a 
> "scaling module" (eventually with also a "multiply/division 
> coefficient" that may be directly controlled from a MIDI expression 
> pedal) to have it control a targeted parameter in some other VST 
> plug-in.

Yes. There are other ways to do this as well, just route the original 
controller data itself simultaneously to the multiple plugs all at once 
through different scaling/mapping/arithmetic objects.

> In example 2 a MIDI expression pedal should be mapped to control the 
> volume of the second parallel line (step sequence filtered reverb). A 
> more advanced version of this FX patch also includes a random LFO 
> controlling the tempo division of the step sequencer that is 
> controlling the filter cut-off that shapes the reverb tail.
> --> I guess this is possible with MAX, isn't it?

Yes. But but regarding the step sequencer, it depends on what is 
driving the time. I have never used (so it doesn't bother me) midi 
sync, but I understand that it is not great in max. However, I use step 
sequencers that are driven by different timing objects (from metronome 
type to random type) with no problems at all. Basically, if your vst 
has a parameter accessible by midi, you can hook up all sorts of things 
to do wild control stuff....For instance on one of mine I have 
different random numbers being fed in, and my pedals control the speed 
and amount of the randomness in the objects connecting to the vst....it 
is a lot of fun.....

> Regarding my preferred looper Mobius in MAX, I do not intend to run 
> Mobius tracks as separate outputs into MAX for the purpose of applying 
> effects post loop. I prefer the performance technique where you apply 
> effects to the looper input (MAX + VST's) and record the effects as 
> part of the loop (into some Mobius track). Although this does limit 
> the options in theory I have found it more intuitively "playable" in 
> praxis.

It easily (according to krispen) runs inside of max and can be put 
anywhere in the processing chain you want.....

Lovely to hear from you, and GREAT to meet you at the festival.