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Re: Ninjam server

Daryl, got your PM, so I'll take this offlist and get you a coherent 
reply when I'm a bit less jet-lagged (just got into Bangkok last 
night.  eep!).

Also, wanted to say a big thank you to CPR for putting up and 
maintaining the Kyberfest server (both for Y2k6, as well as beyond). 
The online collaborative stuff I've heard from Loopfest is 
spectacular, and I can't wait to start playing around with it myself. 
This should be fun!  :)


At 1:19 PM -0500 10/24/06, Daryl Shawn wrote:
>Awesome, cpr! Are you referring to the one that we actually used for 
>the performance? ( If you're opening this up to 
>all of us, I've got lots of questions, like any bandwidth limits, 
>possibilities for setting up a stream, chatroom, etc...we can talk 
>offlist perhaps. thanks very much for offering!
>I'm thinking more about Mark's multiple server idea...
>Daryl Shawn
>>I plan to leave the ninjam server I installed for the y2k6 
>>kyberfest running...
>>it is running on a dedicated server, and available 24/7... I don't have 
>>access info at my finger tips, but I will post it later.. :)