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Re: Ninjam server

Thanks for putting this out there, mech, it sounds like a possibility 
for sure. The actual server requirements from the Ninjam page 
(http://ninjam.com/download.php) suggest a server of at least 500mhz, 
and 4meg of RAM use (I don't quite understand this myself, as most 
servers would have at least 512 meg of RAM...?). Probably the main 
concern would be bandwidth, to make sure sessions can happen without 
killing your wife's sites (and by proxy, you). Ninjam says 768kbps 
outbound is required for a 4-person session, which is more than any DSL 
connection I'm aware of. I think we'd want to be able to host four 
people at least comfortably, plus hosting sites, so probably a meg of 
upload is what we'd want. Is the server on DSL? We could certainly see 
about bumping up the bandwidth and paying for that, plus of course 
reimbursement for the use itself.

Yes, I think Krispen was involved with setting up the server for the 
Kyberfest so I'll check in with him. Mark Francombe also had one set up 
for testing.

Daryl Shawn
> At 1:37 PM -0500 10/23/06, Daryl Shawn wrote:
>> I imagine that we would need a dedicated server. These can be rented 
>> from ISP's, of course, or if anyone owns a server perhaps we could 
>> pay that person for use and bandwidth. In addition to Ninjam itself, 
>> I'd like for there to be a public chatroom, an archive, a live feed 
>> from the room, and an editable calendar (which Os has already 
>> discussed on the Ninjam list).
>> What suggestions or contributions might people have for making this a 
>> reality?
> Well, I like the idea and, I've got a dedicated server that I *might* 
> be able to volunteer.  I can't say for certain, since I'm familiar 
> with Ninjam, but have never gone through the process of setting it up, 
> measuring bandwidth, etc., etc., so I'm hesitant to make a full 
> commitment without knowing all the details.
> Maybe I could chat with Kris and/or Rainer once we're all back at our 
> respective homes again.  They're both at L2k6, I believe, and I'm 
> currently writing this from Dubai.  (Eid Mubarakh -- or Happy Eid -- 
> to everybody, BTW.)
> Right now, the server is only doing duty hosting my three or four 
> half-websites, as well as my wife's webs and blogs.  I've been 
> wondering how to justify keeping it (not to mention making the 
> payments) once we're out of the US permanently, so this could wind up 
> being a good thing for all parties.   I need to make certain I'm not 
> doing anything to jeopardize my wife's sites, though, because my 
> domestic bliss could morph into a domestic hell damn-skippy-quick if 
> anything were to happen to those.
> On the upside, there's a full blown blogging engine installed -- 
> Movable Type -- so we might be able to make use of that.  And as far 
> as editable calendars go, I think I remember a couple of quick Perl 
> scripts that do that sort of thing.
> I'm not putting my hand all the way up in the air just yet, but I am 
> willing to consider the possibility.  Let me do some research and 
> maybe we can work something out.
>     --m.