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Re: RC50 End of Loop

Hi guys

> It's great to know that the hiccup can be avoided
@Andy: Maybe my message was a bit misleading... I haven't found a way to 
avoid the "hiccup", except playing over it (which doesn't bother me at 
all). I just wanted to say that - besides this "hiccup" at the begining- I 
haven't experienced any latency issues (the hiccup is NOT a latency issue, 
it is just a "temporary mute"!), if you use the settings I have 

>I haven't seen any way to determine the end of a  loop, i.e. visually on 
>the RC-50. Am I correct in that understanding? 
@Paul: Yes, that can be an issue. I usually "whisper" an almost not 
hearable sound at the and of the loop to mark the end, esp. with ryhthm 

I'm not saying that the RC-50 is perfect except the "hiccup" (let's say 
again: "temporary mute at the first repetition of a recorded loop"). I 
think I would look for something else if I needed tempo change/sync and 
midi slave sync as main feature, and also for feedback control something 
else might work easier for you (though I have great feedback control with 
my RC-50 for my purposes).

I don't think of it as a hassle that certain things just need getting used 
to on the RC-50. Just with every piece of gear or instrument you have, it 
needs passion, curiosity and patience to dive into its full potential.
In this context, I find reading Andre LaFosse (www.altruistmusic.com) 
working with the EDP very inspiring.

So, I'm not saying that the RC-50 is the right tool for everyone. I'm just 
saying it is a well prized tool with a lot of depth & possibilities in a 
nice all-in-one pedal board.

Best regards

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