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Re: Phil Keaggy article and looping album

>A visitor to the Looper's Delight web site pointed out a new article 
>on Phil Keaggy in Guitar Player:
>He talks about his looping, as well as his new album "Roundabout" 
>which is all looping. Has anybody heard that one? What do you think?
>There are some clips on his web site:

I've only heard the clips, but didn't think this made it as an 
essential looping album.
Every track, and there are many, seems to be made in exactly the same 
way, layering up a backing and then soloing over it, and being made 
the same way they can hardly help but tend towards a similarity of 
musical impression. Not that the individual tracks aren't good in 
isolation, but to compile them all together like that just creates 
pleasant aural wallpaper.

If Phil Keaggy is famous enough to bring looping more public 
recognition (I wouldn't know, I only heard of him here at LD) then 
this album might create a useful reference point for some of us to 
explain our music.

andy butler
(doesn't anyone else have an opinion?)