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Re: OT: Ideal small studio specs for Loopers?

I also found this:

--- paul <phaslem@wightman.ca> wrote:

> >Hey Ted,
> A friend built a good sounding studio in his garage,
> one of the things he 
> did was strap the walls about half way down
> (parallel to the floor) so the 
> walls had a slight v. If I remember, it was only
> about 1/2 inch but no more 
> than an inch. that way all the sound reflected to
> the floor or the ceiling. 
> He also built sort of triangular wedges to fit into
> the top corners of the 
> room. I did some recording in that space years ago
> and it was surprising to 
> me what a difference that made to the echos usually
> found in a square room.
> Paul


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