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Re: MAX/MSP Conversion Complete...

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From: "Jeff Kaiser"
> As Kris has noted, while raising two kids, maintaining a relationship
with his wife, and having a full-time job. He made his vst host....in a
very short period using his free time. It does exactly what he wants it
to do, the way he wants to do it. Defining the term "flexible software

Of course, I had one of the best MAX mentors around...YOU!!  For two weeks
I called and emailed Jeff like he was 1-900-HOT-MAXX :)   And I can't go
without thanking Stefan, who is also another MAX genius and has helped
me streamline my new Hartungian Interval Stacker...a patch (which I will 
convert to VST) that constructs any chord or set of intervals, like 
or stacked minor 2nds, whole tones, etc, just by playing the root 
note.....amazing fun.

> Mobius to mac would be awesome....(I know, I've said it before)....but
until then, I'm very happy with the loopers I've constructed. I've
recently added overdubbing loopers with pitch transposition and
degradation on the feedback channels. Too much fun.

Yeah, the patch with degradation is freakin's awesome.