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Re: fcb1010: dirty data...anyone ever noticed?

On 5 okt 2006, at 08.40, L.A. Angulo wrote:

> sorry folks i missed soemthing here are u talking
> about the midiOx app to filter out midi errors?
> Luis

No. (If you are addressing me here,) I was talking about Ableton Live  
in this post.


> --- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 4 okt 2006, at 08.38, Zoe Keating wrote:
>>> Anyway...what's been pretty enlightening, watching
>> the midi
>>> messages scroll by, is noticing a few bits of
>> "extra" data being
>>> sent along with my patches.... occasionally. I
>> also I noticed that
>>> the Repeaters don't wig out so much when
>> controlled by the computer
>>> as they do when controlled by the FCB1010. I think
>> quite a few of
>>> my long-standing midi problems are about the foot
>> controller, not
>>> the Repeater.
>> Yes, I have had these problems with hidden MIDI data
>> bursted out from
>> the FCB1010. Some years ago I was unlucky to work
>> with physical gear
>> (EDP, Repeater, AKAI MFC42 filterbank) that did not
>> allow me to make
>> changes to which data the devices should react to.
>> Some of the FCB
>> hidden data applied to the set controller for the
>> filterbank and made
>> it loose sync way too often.
>> (Maybe you're already doing this... but anyway, here
>> we go:) I've
>> noticed you have a powerbook with Ableton Live, so a
>> workaround could
>> be to run the FCB into the laptop. Then make up MIDI
>> clips in Live
>> that do contain the MIDI data to control your
>> repeaters etc. Finally
>> set up MIDI bindings to trigger those Live MIDI
>> Clips from MIDI data
>> sent by your FCB. When doing this, make sure to not
>> use any of the
>> hidden data. Also make sure there is no MIDI Through
>> in Live. Live
>> should only be able to send out the content of those
>> MIDI Clips and
>> not what it gets at its MIDI input from your FCB.
>> This way you filter
>> out the hidden data from your pedal.
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>> Per Boysen
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