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Re: MAX/MSP Conversion Complete...

On Sep 29, 2006, at 8:19 PM, Jeffrey Larson wrote:

> I don't know, but what I'm wondering is if these fundamental 
> algorithms color
> the sound enough so that people can tell the difference between
> the "Max sound" and the "Reaktor sound".  Maybe it is simply a matter
> of Reaktor having a better default object library that sounds warmer
> without a lot of tweaking.

It seems to me that Reaktor is easier to use right out of the box (a 
higher level language) than max....a great community with downloadable 
ensembles et al...it is fantastic. max's community is curmudgeonly and 
prone to anger (lower level language)...but provides a transparency 
when it come to creating your own sound...max is also fantastic.

"better" default object library is determined by what you mean by 

I personally consider "transparent" better.... (transparent for me = 
when the source of creation is not visible/apparent in the 

Want "thicker" or "warmer"...? Turn up the "thicker" or "warmer" 
knob....define those characteristics and they can be added in Reaktor 
or Max or VST chainer or Bidule or whatever, I'm sure.......

In fact, I'm going to go work on my "thicker and warmer" VST right 
now......two knobs, that is it.....I'm sure people will beat down my 
door to buy it.



Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com