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Re: MAX/MSP Conversion Complete...

I'm able to build very complex "abstractions" with the provided objects 
and avoid third party externals or coding them myself....so far....but 
I do use VSTs as well....I think it will be a long time, if ever, till 
I find the need to write my own object in C.....the provided objects 
range from very simple (addition, subtraction) to very complex 
fft.....fundamental to not so fundamental at all.....

>> In my brief experience with Max, it appears that you're given a set of
>> very fundamental building blocks that you can combine in complex ways,
>> but if you need a new block, you're writing an "external" in C code.
>> True you can "do whatever you want" but the leap from drawing a patch
>> to programming in C is huge.  So if you're not a C programmer and 
>> don't
>> like the sound of the objects available on the various Max forums
>> you're stuck, no?

Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com