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Re: random effects

lazy ? bored? impotent? genius?


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From: "ditch wrestler" <ditchwrestler@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 7:30 PM
Subject: OT: random effects

I'm liking the goofing around I'm doing with my rc20xl and dl4 but I'm 
wanting to work other effects in to broaden the sonic pallette.  And 
than having to amass a bunch of effects and then twiddle with knobs whilst 
playing, I'm wondering if anybody here knows if there is a multi-effects 
unit on the market that has a random setting?

  Failing that, maybe somebody can refer me to a reasonably adept 
circuit-bender that could re-purpose a zoom or somesuch unit.

  ted h.

"Indeed, naturally I think that a film should have a beginning, middle, 
an end - but not necessarily in that order."   Jean Luc Goddard

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