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Re: A quieter, gentler footswitch?...

The question is, which enquiring minds want to know, Jeff, is what don't 
have MAX/MSP doing for you...I'm visualizing MAX/MSP starting 
your coffeemaker in the morning, controlling (via some monstrous object 
set of parameters you've concocted) the humidity of your cigar humidifier, 
mixing (via the mix/fader object) your drinks at night, and many other 
mundane tasks that only mere mortals concern themselves with.... :)  The 
thing is, I'm right behind you....because I need to pick your brain now on 
this whole EV5 controller thing. I have one, and I'd love to use it to 
control my VST parameters in MAX/MSP....problem is, all I have is USB 
connections, so I may need another solution. Of course, I could use my 
which has two expression pedals, where I could assign them to one MIDI 
channel, and my buttons for Mobius to another MIDI channel...but then I'm 
back to dragging that boat anchor around.


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To entirely avoid clicks: I route an EV5 pedal to trigger record and
play when at or near the "toe" position.

Perfectly quiet.

It is all done in max/msp.....so you'd have to use a laptop.



Jeff Kaiser
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On Sep 27, 2006, at 11:06 PM, Ferrara Brain Pan wrote:

> I just ordered the switches Travis recommended from Mouser (EDP 
> replacement switches made by
> Mountain Switch)... I haven't heard how they sound, but I'll give them a 
> shot... If it's still too
> loud to use for live-miked acoustic instruments, then I will just sell 
> this whole stupid 2880 and
> the foot pedal and all the CF cards I bought on eBay... I'm sure some 
> electronic looping musician
> could get some decent use out ot it, but I guess until I hear from 
> that there is a looper
> with a foot controller that doesn't make noise, I am an acoustic 
> who is just out of luck
> (I suppose I could also tape a contact mic to my horn instead of using a 
> free standing dynamic or
> condensor mic - it would sound like crap but at least it wouldn't pick 
> the clickety click of
> the looper)...