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Re: ? re: really "weird" solo loopers...

Also check out Marc Ducret for some serious noise and
there is also an album by Pat metheney as well with
nothing but noise!

--- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 18 sep 2006, at 00.22, hazard factor wrote:
> > For me too, it means 'avante-garde' or
> 'experimental', or 'difficult
> > listening' if you had never been exposed to such a
> thing.
> (not about "a solo looper" but a funny memory
> somewhat related to  
> "weird")
> I was Exposed once... In 1980 I bought a double
> album of Eugene  
> Chadbourne, bought it unheard after reading in
> Guitar Player about  
> his experimentation with "prepared guitar". When
> listening for the  
> first time I just couldn't believe my ears: Eighty
> minutes of noise  
> sounding like someone was ripping off small pieces
> of paper,  
> crunching them into small paper balls and throwing
> them to the floor.  
> I think I listened through the double album three
> times on a row and  
> I didn't find any sound that appeared to emanate
> from a guitar or  
> even carry a melody or a rhythm. Musically I found
> it totally  
> unusable, but I was amazed and inspired by the
> knowledge that this  
> american weirdo had actually put that much energy
> into releasing this  
> weird statement. I was also somewhat lifted by
> finding out that  
> recordings could be created for communicating a
> statement as opposed  
> to communicating music. But I never listened to the
> vinyl again  ;-))
> Then I really didn't think about it much until some
> years later when  
> I read that Chadbourne and his japanese partner was
> almost beaten up  
> by country music lovers at a concert. Then I thought
> that his  
> "concept art" was way too aggressive, at least when
> comparing to what  
> I myself was able to envision doing. I mean, using
> concept art in a  
> provocative way that almost turns into harassment of
> people that do  
> love a certain musical style. Although I hated
> country music myself I  
> felt with those cowboys and understood why they got
> so angry. At this  
> phase of understanding, Chadbourne's activities did
> not come out  
> "weird" to me - only unluckily misplaced.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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