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Re: 1/2 Rack proccesor | VF-1

Hello -

I've loved these boxes since they were first released. I'm running  
two pre-loop and two post-loop in my current setup. I can't imagine  
my setup without them.

Here's my take on the Boss VF-1

Standard Delays: Crisp and super clean. The roll-off feature really  
lends a cool analog feel to the repeats.
RE-201 Sim: One of the best tape delay sims out there. Lots of  
control of the parameters. Lot of fun when tied to an expression pedal.
Multi-Taps: 20 taps altogether! Capable of some insane reverse fx  
when carefully programmed.

Reverbs: On the stale side for me. Even at 100% wet the verbs still  
sound bland.  It takes two VF-1 units running in series to get the  
ultra-wet wash of verb I'm looking for. I usually add some slight  
overdrive or eq to dirty these patches up. If you're strictly into  
standard Room and Hall sounds you'll be satisfied.

Amp Sims: Vox, Fender, Marshall, and Soldano models sound thick and  
heavy when set at moderate gain tones. I hate the HIGH, MEDIUM and  
LOW Gain presets. Once you tack on some EQ, these amp sims are great.  
I'm not a big high-gain fan so I rarely touch the Peavey and Boogie  

StompBox sims: The OD-1 and Fuzz models are better than their  
stompbox counterparts. The DF-2 SuperFeedbacker and VB-2 Vibrato  
modes are worth the price alone. The Synth modes are fun but a little  
hard for me to find a solid use for.

Compressor: Noisy. I never use it unless I actually want something  

Rotary: One of the best mid-priced rotary sims out there. Super  

Pitchshifting: Awful. Shrill and artificial to my ears. Can be  
convincing at super low mix levels.

EQ: Precise and easy to work with. I use it on nearly every patch to  
warm things up.

Overall the VF-1 is an incredible box. It does impart a slight  
digital sheen to your sound which I'm constantly battling with EQ or  
mild amounts of overdrive. The layout and programming is really  
intuitive. Re-arranging the order of certain effects yields some cool  
and unexpected sounds and textures. Midi implementation is limited to  
four CCs but is well done. I rarely use the VF-1s by themselves and I  
always end up adding other rack devices to supplement the poor  
reverbs and pitch-shifting.